Mental Health

Self Care

Emotional Debrief Workshop | Madz Deyzel
A practical workshop for gaining insight on your emotional world, thoughts and reactions

Healing the Wounded Inner Child | Madz Deyzel
How to heal all of me into Wholeness

Identity Foundations | Madz Deyzel
Your value should never be defined by what you do!

Medication & Mental Health | Madz Deyzel
Myths, Misunderstood or Must

The Wholeness Course – Level 1 | Madz Deyzel
Putting the Pieces Together

The Wholeness Model – Level 2 | Madz Deyzel
A biblical framework to help point people back to a right relationship with God.

Your Mind Matters | Madz Deyzel
Mental Health Foundations


Grief Care | Madz Deyzel
Devotions & Tools to Aid the Journey of Grief


Dealing with Trauma | Cara Rencken

For Adults:

For Kids: