Multiple Congregations

We are a church who meets in different congregations at different locations. Currently, we have 5 locations with 6 meetings on a Sunday. The reason we have chosen to follow the model of multiple congregations is not because it seems a good idea to us. We believe that God has opened up this wonderful opportunity for us all. He has brought us together, confirming it through prophecy and God-given yearnings, as well as apostolic voices. Together, we are more equipped, more encouraged, and more envisioned to live out and proclaim His Glorious Gospel in Christ, and so see many more lives touched through our influence.

We prefer to use the phrase MULTIPLE CONGREGATIONS rather than multiple sites. The value is in the people, not the physical land or venue! Immanuel Somerset Park is not the main church, nor the mother church, and the other congregations are not the daughter churches or branches.

Between the different congregations, there is one heartbeat, one culture, one value system and one vision. The beauty is that there will be varying expressions of this heartbeat but ONE MESSAGE, being lived out and shared with the world. Though there is one heartbeat and one culture (the Kingdom culture which supersedes and adds to our human culture), there are varying expressions of that culture. There is one set of values, though varying tactics and strategies are used to proclaim and demonstrate this GLORIOUS GOSPEL in the communities around us.

Our Multiple Congregations:

Albert Park | Blackburn | Seatides | Somerset Park | Waterloo

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